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  • "When children feel safe, secure and supported, they grow in confidence to explore and learn"

    Belonging, Being & Becoming

    At Rouse Hill Preschool, we understand that your child's development extends further than education. We are their first teachers, and thereby their most influential. We strive to provide the highest quality care, ensuring your child thrives in all areas of development. We do this by creating a high quality educational care service, whilst maintaining a safe, comfortable, creative environment where children can play and learn.


    Rouse Hill Preschool has embedded the Early Years Learning Framework, which guides our programming and planning, along with the National Quality Standards and Principles and Practices.


    Belonging, Being & Becoming

    At Rouse Hill Preschool, we incorporate all the practices and values outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. The framework guides us in our planning, programs and procedures.


    We aim to utilise each child's families, interests, cultures and communities when planning learning experiences, in a hope to foster diversity in our learning environments.


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    National Quality Framework

    The Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) is an independent statutory authority that provides national leadership in promoting quality and continuous improvement in early childhood education and care, in school age care in Australia.


    ACECQA is responsible for guiding the implementation of the National Quality Framework at the national level.


    There are seven Quality Areas;

    • Educational program and practice
    • Children's health and safety
    • Physical environments
    • Staffing arrangements
    • Relationships with children
    • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
    • Governance and leadership.

    You can read more about the National Quality Framework in our welcome pack.


  • Rouse Hill Preschool
    Centre Goals

    Rouse Hill Preschool promotes positive & connected relationships with our families and our wider community and acknowledge and support the personal strengths, professional experience and diversity of all colleagues.


    As a centre, we have goals that we use as a guide for our everyday practices and planning.

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    Provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment.

    We aim to foster an environment that allows our children to feel safe, happy and included.

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    Child Development

    Realising and supporting your child's potential.

    We can promise parents that each child's voice will be heard.

    We believe this is important in fostering a child's confidence, creating an enthusiasm and love for learning. Your child will feel supported in both their immediate development and their long-term potential.


    We also believe in ensuring children are aware of the world around them. This is why our centre advocates for environmentally sustainable practices.


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    Supporting Families

    Realising our role in your family's life.

    We are aware that as childhood educators, we are your child's first teacher, and in turn, their most influential. This is why all our educators are encouraged to engage in ongoing learning and reflective practices. We want each family to feel secure and supported in their quest in providing the best for their child.

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    Fostering a sense of community in our centre.

    Social connections are important in building a child's feelings of belonging and inclusion. So we ensure, that through our practices, each child experiences a sense of belonging in the community - in both the centre and the wider community.


    We also promote the education and appreciation of different cultures, and aim to be culturally diverse in our practices and planning.

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