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  • About Us

    Rouse Hill Pre School Kindergarten is a privately owned long day care centre, situated in Sydney's North-West. The centre was established in 1985, with an initial enrolment of 27 places. In this time, we have grown to 87 places, with an extra four preschool rooms completed in August 2019.


    Our Pre School is located in a quiet, semi-rural atmosphere, with air conditioning and heating provided in each room throughout the centre. Along with a natural tree canopy, shade cloths are erected throughout the grounds, to protect the children from the summer sun.


    The staff includes the Director / Nominated Supervisor, Early Childhood trained educators, Diploma qualified educators, Cert. 3 educators all with experience in the care of children.


    At Rouse Hill Pre School Kindergarten, we are committed to providing the best quality care for each and every child.

    Excellence in Early Childhood Education since 1985

    Committed to you and your family

    We support children in Belonging, Being and Becoming as outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework.


    We believe that as children participate in everyday life, they develop interests and construct their own identities and understanding of the world.


    We endeavour to provide a stimulating and creative environment where children are encouraged to explore and develop a range of important skills.

    Our Commitment to You

    High Quality Early Education

    Open communication is encouraged between educators and families. Parents are encouraged to become active participants of the centre. Each room has age appropriate goals that have been developed over time with input from educators, families, industry professionals and the children. Individual goals are based upon prior observations, interests, strengths and needs.


    We strive to provide a high-quality early education service, whilst maintaining a safe, secure and supportive environment where children can learn and grow.

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  • What We Provide

    Opening Hours

    6.30am to 6.30pm - Monday to Friday (Long Day)

    - All Rooms


    8.30am to 4.30pm - Monday to Friday (Short Day)

    - Early Learning Centre

    Our Rooms

    Yellow Room - 0 to 1 Years and 1 to 2 Years

    Green Room - 2 to 3 years


    Red Room - 3 to 4 Years


    Early Learning Centre - 4 to 5 Years


    Families are eligible to receive the CCS - Child Care Scheme.

    We provide a school readiness program and transition to Primary School.

    Your child will receive Individual development and interest-based learning programs that meet their needs, which are all delivered by experienced and qualified early childhood educators that love what they do.

    Additional Assistance

    Rouse Hill Preschool is committed to supporting your family. We regularly are provided with support from external agencies such as KU Sydney Central North Inclusion Support Agency.


    We are also supported by a team of occupational and speech therapists. We draw upon these professional services to help assist our preschool families.

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    320 Annangrove Road, Rouse Hill, NSW, 2155


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